Transit Bus & Coach


Innovation is AURORA’s standard for the heating and cooling of buses and transit vehicles.  Our engineers provide the best set of options for your vehicle.  Side wall heaters, such as the Oscar and Coanda, offer inexpensive and dependable heating options.  Strategically placing heaters under the seat and off the floor promotes efficient floor heating and true seat placement flexibility.

Front Box Defrosters are designed to be a perfect match for the bus, offering assorted options for heating and cooling the front bus compartment.  Our front box defrosters are custom fit to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Controls - AURORA’s control panel line is designed for infinite flexibility.  Features can be added or subtracted without additional tooling costs so your control options are not only customized to your fleet, but affordable as well.  We also offer intelligent control panels that integrate CANBUS or other software features for completely automatic temperature control functions.