Cabin HVAC




Cabin HVAC

Demanding conditions require a trusted partner. AURORA is currently partnered with some of the world’s leading construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers.  Our HVAC component product line remains an industry leader because of reliability.  Products such as:

  • Louvers – whether round or rectangular, AURORA produces shapes and sizes catering to your every need.  The AURORA louver is recognized as an industry’s leader because of its performance and strength. Designed in Germany, these louvers are not only built for the harshest conditions, but stylish as well.


  • Blowers – Radial and Dual Radial Blowers.  Designed for the most challenging conditions, AURORA blowers are built for durability.  Utilizing CFD tools, AURORA has adapted the air foil design for enhanced performance, especially in the high back pressure settings of a vehicle cabin.  The life of the blower motor has been extended using brush length selection and resistor placement.  The brushes and resistors are constantly cooled while the blower is in operation, reducing heat and friction.


  • HVAC Units – Customized HVAC units are an AURORA specialty.  AURORA utilizes computer simulation programs to calculate the required heating and cooling circuit.  Aided by CFD programs, components within the system are easily adjusted to meet desired values.
    No matter how small or large the cabin is, AURORA has the tools to design and manufacture the perfect HVAC unit.


  • Heaters – With more than 70 years of production experience, AURORA’s rich knowledge of heaters is unparalleled.  There are numerous standard heaters available in our product portfolio.  If a unique heater is required for any system, our experienced and professional team of engineers can quickly and efficiently provide flexible solutions.


  • Control Panels – AURORA’s control panel product line is designed for infinite flexibility.  To offer the most affordable control options, features can be easily added or subtracted without tooling costs.  For complete automatic temperature control functions, AURORA offers intelligent control panels that either incorporate CANBUS features or have integrated software.


  • Accessories – AURORA offers a vast listing of HVAC accessories.  From hoses and fittings, to expansion and water valves, AURORA has amassed a comprehensive product offering for HVAC accessories.