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October 2014,

On behalf of the Aurora Group, Aurora North America would like to personally thank any and all attendees of the IAA Hannover 2014 who took the time to stop by our booth.  Onlookers may have noticed that Aurora was not alone during the show, but rather we decided to exibit alongside the fellow subsidiaries belonging to our parent company Indus AG:  

HEAVAC B.V., Konrad SCHÄFER GmbH, KIEBACK GmbH & Co. KG, and SMA Metalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG.


It was fantastic to speak face to face with many of our customers, as well as suppliers, and hear about the exciting developments happening within the industry.  We are thrilled to be enjoying such a successful year, and we are looking forward to the potential growth that will surely result from continued cooperation with our INDUS partners.  







July 29, 2014

Aurora North America LLC recieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification!

ISO 9001:2008 Certification





Aurora North America, LLC Welcomes Newest Member to the AURORA Group

Spring 2014,    

    AURORA Konrad G. Schulz GmbH & Co. KG further expanded its positioning in the global HVAC market with the acquisition of HEAVAC B.V.  The manufacturer and producer of air-conditioning and ventilation systems for coaches and buses is located in Nuenen, Netherlands.  HEAVAC’s impressive product offering and manufacturing know-how have undoubtedly been the driving factor in the company’s recent success.

Customers from all over the globe rely on HEAVAC for their advanced designs.  Manufacturers such as Van Hool, VDL, and Wright Bus, among others, rely on HEAVAC for their heating, ventilation, and cooling needs.  While HEAVAC’s primary customer base stems from the surrounding European regions as well as Russia and the United Kingdom, companies worldwide hasten to HEAVAC for intelligent solutions.

            Experts in Roof-Top Heat, A/C and ventilation products; Front-Box heat and AC and Sidewall heat, HEAVAC’s technological innovations will only add to the strength of Aurora Group.   Aurora North America is excited to welcome the HEAVAC team to The Aurora Group, and we look forward to working together in future endeavors. 

If you would like to learn more about HEAVAC products, please contact our sales department at: 616-698-8545 or email at: S.

Nexus Louver

 An innovative new product introduced by Aurora, the Nexus Louver is designed for simple and secure installation.  The added function is featured in the photo below.  There are three 3/4"-long flaps secured to screws and spaced around the perimeter of this round louver.  As the louver frame is inserted into the designated position the screws can be rotated 90 degrees (as shown below), cementing the louver in place in mere seconds.  This advancement allows manufacturers to install and remove the Aurora Louver with precision and simplicity while maintaining the same level of stability.  For more information call our head Engineer, Terrence Ganka, at (616) 871-3177.



Aurora Approves Testing Chamber

                At some point, every specially designed HVAC solution must be placed in its intended vehicular cabin and that is where theory ends and real testing data begins.  Aurora drew up plans for the creation of a testing chamber in the North American facilities, similar to the chamber already in use in the Germany-based production lines.  This plan gained the sign and stamp of approval by Aurora President Hannes Wolf on his most recent visit to the States.  Aurora will soon be accepting customer cabins outfitted with custom air and heating units they’ve designed to be tested and optimized to ensure customer satisfaction.  This chamber will test air flow and temperature control capabilities at every key point in the cabin.  They will also enable for the smooth and cohesive installation of the unit with the rest of the vehicle.  Below is a picture of the testing chamber in Germany, it serves as a fair representation of what will soon be implemented here in Michigan as well over the coming weeks.


Aurora Offers Over 50 New Products 11/21/2012

Only a few months ago, Aurora North America (AUNA) became a multi-dimensional company by extending its selling power to the internet.  The new website is intended to offer every product both Aurora North America and Aurora Germany have to sell.  These include the baseline, distinctive Aurora parts such as our outstanding louvers and also numerous, comprehensive HVAC systems. However, our company specializes in working with each customer and creating a solution to meet their unique design needs. 

                In regards to the online product catalog, AUNA is pleased to have introduced over 50 new parts for the convenience of their high volume industry partners, as well as for the customers who are merely shopping for a few parts.  The standardized process now practiced in AUNA’s manufacturing plant can handle single part orders as well just as well as the intricate fabrication and assembly inclusive orders.  So please feel free to investigate the new parts listed below as well as within our Products page.

Aurora Attends IAA Show in Hanover, Germany 9/20/12 - 9/27/12

Representatives from Aurora set up a booth at the IAA show in Germany this past week with great success.  Along with many other copmanies, Aurora was able to showcase trademark products as well as some new and innovative solutions that have not yet appeared on the market.  Below are images of the Aurora representatives who exhanged ideas, networked, and displayed Aurora's excellent HVAC products to companies for many different parts of the world.

Aurora To Attend IAA Show in Hannover, Germany - 9/17/2012
In 2012 we will again be exhibiting at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. This year we are present with our sister companies Kieback and SMA. We look forward to meeting you at our booth in Hall 11, D23.

Please Contact Andeas Reuff @ or Thomas Banschbach to set up a private meeting to discuss your Mobile HVAC needs.



Aurora GmbH has established an Environmental Management System - 8/16/2012

Aurora GmbH has been awarded a certificate of compliance for ISO 14001 for environmental responsibility.

 Aurora Group approves E-Commerce sales on Aurora North America website - 7/29/2012

Annual Employee Appreciation Event - 7/27/2012

Aurora will be attending a White Caps game during the month of August to recognize the outstanding work of the employees.


Old News

6/25/2012 AUNA Rep Visits Germany

5/15/2012  Employees Transition to Full Time