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The beginning of AURORA – In the early decades of the 1900s, in the city of Leipzig, Germany, Konrad G. Schulz first realized the potential desires for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning in mobile applications. The first milestone began with the installation of a small water heater in a Ford Model-A. This initial spark began the fires of innovation that would transform Aurora into a key player in the development and optimization of complete HVAC-Systems for a wide range of mobile vehicles and applications.

AURORA is a global manufacturer of specialized HVAC systems and components for a wide assortment of on and off road vehicles. AURORA is recognized for its innovative designs and broad product offering. From individual components; such as louvers, water valves, and blowers, to complex fully automatic temperature controlled HVAC systems, customers around the globe put their trust in AURORA for all their climate control needs.

Aurora Headquarters Mudau, DE

AURORA's 80+ Years of Growth and Innovation

> 1928 Initial installation of a water heater into a Ford Model-A for private use

> 1930 Foundation of AURORA Konrad G. Schulz GmbH and start of production of heating systems for buses and trains in Leipzig, Germany

> 1934 Regular production of underfloor heaters for trains

> 1952 After the Second World War, AURORA restarts production in the town of Krefeld in close cooperation with German Railway Systems

> 1965 AURORA relocates to larger and more modern facilities in Mudau

> 1970 AURORA produces its first heat-exchangers in house

> 1972 Installation of a new plastic molding line

> 1989 Joachim Schulz sells AURORA to the INDUS Holding AG, Düsseldorf, a private investment group

> 1995 AURORA installs its first roof-mounted air-conditioning unit

> 2001 Foundation of AURORA-Turkey in Istanbul

> 2005 Induction of new production halls

> 2008 Start-up of our climate chamber

> 2009 Foundation of Aurora North America, LLC

> 2013 AURORA acquires HEAVAC, strengthening the AURORA Group

> 2014 Further Expansion of AURORA's production capacities including a brand new hall with full-automatic plastic injection molding

> 2016 AURORA, in partnership with FRITZMEIER, introduces the GENIUS CAB at BAUMA 2016. For their combined efforts, all members of the Genius Cab Project were awarded with BAUMA's Innovation Award

> 2016 Founding of AURORA Frasch Konvektoren

> 2017 Founding of AURORA China

> 2017 HEAVAC grows, and moves into a new, larger location

> 2018 AURORA North America grows, and moves into a new, larger location

> 2018 Acquisition of Electronic Equipment

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